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Every BODY is Different!

Everybody is different and every BODY is different. When I was younger, I would ask myself how some kids were able to walk around with so much confidence. All I wanted was to be like them! I wanted to not only look like them, but to also walk with my head held high. As a first-generation born American, I believed that the kids who were secure with themselves were that way because they had qualities I didn't. They had lighter skin, they were taller, and much more outgoing. I learned later in life that everyone has the ability to be confident, and there were no pre-requisites for thinking you're allllll that (and a bag of potato chips as my mother would say).

Help Achieve Happiness

Helping a child learn about inclusivity and their own self-worth is incredibly important when building their cognitive developmental perspective. In other words, having these conversations early on can develop the way children think over time. As a jumping off point, try out this activity to help your child or classroom determine the best attributes about themselves. TIP: Try to focus on letting the child come up with their own responses vs. sharing your opinion (this portion could bring out deeper conversations waiting to be had).

Mommy, Am I? Children's Book

Another activity you can do with your child is read the rhyming children's book, Mommy, Am I?, that tells the story about a little boy named Theo who goes to the zoo, and with every animal he passes by, he believes he is becoming one! "Mommy, I have big hands, am I a lion?"

Capturing the essence of a child's imagination, this book sets the bar high when teaching about self-love and celebrating all that makes you different. Bonus: Find out if Theo is really an animal or a little boy in the end!

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