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    Mommy, Am I? | Hardcover

    • Hardcover | Rhyming Picture Book | Ages 0-10


      At the zoo with his mom, little Theo and his sister Lilly notice strange things happening after every animal they pass by. Theo sees his hands are turning into a lion's paws, then a monkey's arms... "I'm not an animal, Mommy, am I?"


      This lyrical picture book comes to life when the imaginary world and the real world become one. The more animals Theo sees at the zoo, the stronger the comparisons become.


      Capturing the wild imagination of a child who doesn't know what is real from what is pretend, is Theo a little boy or really an animal in the end?


      Mommy, Am I? is a childhood nostalgia-inducing story that celebrates the idea of self-love and accepting all that makes you different. The book captures a child's inherent tendency to draw comparisons while fostering their sense of wonder and imagination.

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